Official Shop Opening and Pattern Release

I’m happy to announce that my first patterns have finally been released today!  Four of my original designs – the Droplet Slouch Hat, the Rhombus Plaid Slouchy Hat, the Rhombus Plaid Cowl, and the Rhombus Plaid Wristers – are now available for purchase through Craftsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting.  The Droplet Slouch Hat is a simple but pretty colorwork knitting pattern, and the Rhombus Plaid patterns are a matching set of crochet accessories.  They are all suitable for advanced beginners and above, so don’t be intimidated by the colorwork 🙂 

One thing I want to point out is the difference between the different selling platforms.  You’ll notice that all of my patterns are listed on Craftsy as well as Ravelry and LoveKnitting.  If you can, please consider purchasing from Craftsy, as they have absolutely no selling or listing fees!  For designers, this makes a huge difference, so I want to encourage my customers to support Craftsy.    If you don’t have a Craftsy account, don’t worry, signing up is easy and free.  They also offer lots of other cool stuff like classes, yarn, and supplies! 

If you’re wondering why I chose not to sell on Etsy, the reason is twofold.  First off, they require a bank account, credit card, etc. to set up an account.  As a college student trying to run a pattern shop on the side between classes and other activities, I would prefer to keep my sales-related finances to a lower maintenance option like PayPal.  I just don’t have the time to open and manage a separate credit card/bank account for my pattern sales.  Since Etsy does not allow sellers to transact solely through PayPal, it’s really not an option for me.  Second, I’m not fond of Etsy on principle since their recent fee changes took effect.  I believe this change hurts makers and small businesses, and is especially unfair to those who make a living off Etsy.  My original plan was to create an Etsy shop to draw potential customers from there and encourage them to purchase instead from one of my other sales platforms, but without the ability to use PayPal this isn’t an option.      

Finally, you might notice that my site has a few less ads.  I felt that they were distracting to visitors and were not generating many clicks anyway, so I have removed most of them.  I have now integrated my affiliate links into the “Shop” page of my blog, along with the links to all the places you can find my patterns for sale.  If you like my designs and wish to help support my business, please consider using my links to shop! I will receive a small commission at no cost to you, and you can buy the cool things you love or even find something new 💖

I hope you like my first pattern releases!  Keep an eye out for new ones…  I have two out to testers already and many more in the works 😀  To get a first look at my newest designs, follow me on Instagram at @yarnhasmyheart or join my new Ravelry group, Yarn Has My Heart Insiders!   

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