Tutorial: Adding Crochet Trim to a T-shirt

We all have them… those boring t-shirts that languish in the back of our drawers or closets, never to be worn.  What if you could transform items like these into something cute and wearable? With this tutorial, you can easily add crocheted edging to any shirt and spice up your wardrobe! 

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Free Crochet Pattern: Arnold the Pygmy Puff

The ad-free, concise PDF of this pattern is available here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/arnold-the-pygmy-puff

When I posted a picture of the pygmy puff amigurumi I crocheted for my sister on Instagram a few months ago, quite a few people were interested in the pattern… So here it is!  You can make your very own pygmy puff in less than an hour with this quick and easy pattern.  Plus, it’s the perfect use for that lonely skein of brightly-colored fluffy yarn that we have all been gifted at some point!

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Free Crochet Pattern: Mini Puff Stitch Stocking

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably still looking for a few more small gifts for the people on your list.  This mini stocking is the perfect way to check off the rest of your gifts for the year! It’s just the right size to hold a gift card, some candy, or another small item, and it’s adorably small so your giftee will love it! The best part is, it takes less than a half hour to make.  You could easily make a bunch of these in an afternoon… They would also be perfect as a family set!

The free pattern is below, and a low cost ad-free PDF is available in my shop here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mini-puff-stitch-stocking

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Tutorial: Striped Knit Throw Pillow

You know when you need just one more thing to decorate a room but you’re not sure what it is?  I made this cute mini throw pillow a couple years ago, and finally decided to write up a quick tutorial! It’s such an easy project even for beginners… If you can knit and purl then you can make this pillow!  The best part is you can use any yarn you have on hand for the pattern.  There is no specific gauge, and you can make the final pillow as large or small as you would like.  If you would prefer to work from a PDF, a concise inexpensive version of the pattern is available in my Ravelry store here: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/yarn-has-my-heart. 

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Tutorial: Mini Granny Square Earrings!

It’s been over a month since my last post, but today I have an adorable crochet tutorial to share with you!  I recently posted a photo of a tiny amigurumi elephant I made a couple years ago on Instagram, and it inspired me to come up with more mini crochet projects.  Small projects are a great way to use leftover yarn… Mine was from my Pacific Crop Tee. With this tutorial, you can make your own pair of tiny granny square earrings in under a half an hour! 

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